Rescue Angels

Have you thought about getting involved with a rescue, but don’t know how? How many times have you wanted to help, but life just seems to get in the way? What’s worse is feeling like what you can do, however large or small, won’t make a difference.
We know these thoughts, because we had them as well, so we have created an ‘Angel’ program, where everyone, who wants to help, can. The Rescue Angel program is specifically for our ‘Rescue Angels’ who are committed to a monthly gift to support Farmanity Project.

Debit Card

All gifts, large or small, are the driving force that allows us to be successful in our mission to find the right homes for the animals we rescue. Remember, Farmanity Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, so all donations are tax deductible.
Won’t you partner with us in this mission? Won’t you become a Farmanity Project Rescue Angel?
Please, click the button and choose the monthly gift that fits your budget?
We thank you, so much, for your gift and for you supporting our rescue.

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No amount is too small or large.

  • Your $5 gift helps feed a dog rescued from one of the local animal shelters, while we rehabilitate and search for their forever home.

  • Your $10 gift helps to supply the special diet for a neglected or stray dog while we get them healthy for their new family.

  • Your $15 gift helps provide for the required shots that all dogs require before we can get them placed in a new home.

  • Your $20 gift helps to feed a horse that is in training to become a productive member of a new family.

  • Your $25 gift helps provide for spay/neuter services through our network of Veterinarians.